E-commerce retail marketing is all consumed in mainstream advertisement and SEO campaign than they pay attention to the real customer’s need. While an average e-commerce spends thousands of dollars of its scarce resources on acquiring more advertisement and massive spending on SEO to attract new customers, they forget completely the need to service their existing ones.

Although everyone may be doing it, you should be different, and that is the take-home lesson from the contrarian e-commerce marketing activities. Don’t forget that your customers are real people with blood and emotions running through their systems. They have their needs, preferences and would appreciate anyone who pays attention to these things.

Research studies have continued to tell us it is far cheaper for sell to old customers than new ones. But retail e-commerce mentality continues to drain huge hard earned resources in the conduit pipe of paid advertising and SEO to attract more customers. Below is how the contrarian e-commerce marketing thinking will help your eCommerce and move you to a more comfortable life of doing business online.

  1. Give time to your repeat customers

When it comes to knowing your customers, you probably know more about your existing customers than you do the prospective ones. All you can think of prospective customers are wide unapplied data, but you do know the specific, workable data of your old customers. The contrarian approach is for you to concentrate your energy on how best to add value to your existing customers according to what you know about them.

  1. Use direct marketing than untargeted paid advertising

Your current customers have given you their contact details including emails. As we already know, email marketing is so much like a social media where you have one on one direct engagement with your customers. The contrarian approach suggests using email marketing rather than spending money on any form of advertisement to look for new customers.

  1. Spend time on user education through content marketing

User education is adding value to your existing customers and attracting new ones. While general ads may earn you more possibilities and gulp your money, content marketing offers robust customer-oriented value and earn you more income. The bottom line of every business is value driven income, and that is what content marketing would do for your eCommerce.

  1. Use referral marketing

It continues to hold true the fact that the best form of advertisement is customer generated content. When a customer gives testimony, it holds immense convincing power than thousands of advertisement by the business provider. People trust their friends would lead them in the right direction and when you trust your existing customers with your business promotion, they bring more customers into your sales funnel like clockwork.

Spend quality time planning and introducing referral programs where your customers can take part in promoting your business and maybe earn a token for their loyalty. That way, you spend less and earn more.

The contrarian approach to eCommerce marketing gives every e-commerce retailer food for thought. You can key into any of the suggest contrarian eCommerce marketing strategy for more gains.

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