We are already in the half of 2017, and you should have been seen these trends around you already. More than ever, eCommerce marketing is getting more intense, and it’s a case of having the right strategy in place to win, or you get consumed altogether. You will notice that the strategy that won you a couple of customers a few months back is now obsolete and you are likely losing those customers to the intense competition.

As it is right now, eCommerce trends are ever changing, and the following trends are the pattern of development in the industry at the moment and continue to shape our engagement.

  1. Social media marketing

Any company that is absent on the frontline social media today is leaving so much gap for the competition to explore without any chance to fight back. If you watch the statistics of the large social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more, you will find that most of your competitors are already there to interact with people on a daily basis.

There is a huge relevance placed by the search engine on signals from social media that will influence your eCommerce site ranking and power your organic traffic. Gone are the days you have to spend countless hours building backlinks all over the web space, what you need now is a good presence on social media with a robust strategy to keep an active account using quality high-value content, and the rest will fall into place for you.

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  1. Big customer data

Getting to know more about your customers to deliver incisive content to meet their needs is ever growing. When you have information about your customers, getting to serve them the right and valuable products and service will be easier. All these are to help you deliver more products with a great conversion. Big customer data brings about more profits, better service, and more value to your customers. This trend helps to implement your customer retargeting program to offer them what they need the most and at the right time. It also helps to continue to bring your old customers into your sales funnel for more sales and income. Big customer data will help you develop more new products to continue to be relevant in your industry.

  1. Marketing automation is king

As customers become more informed, competition becomes tighter. The effort you put into marketing a few years back cannot stand the test of today’s competition which means you need to do more to achieve little. Smart companies are finding save haven in marketing automation as there are tools that bring your customer information with your marking content and serve your customers what they need without your intervention. Marketing automation gives you the space to focus on other equally important aspects of your business and give you the edge to stand firm in your niche. Things like email marketing, customer cart management, sales management, customer loyalty program management can be automated to give you more freedom.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming essential marketing focus for e-commerce. More people today have access to the Internet thanks to mobile device technology, and you should expect more in 2017 and beyond.

These trends are not new anymore or a subject of future sci-fi thinking. The earlier you embrace them, the better for your eCommerce.