Those who are doing research on eCommerce have probably noticed that this popular word is written and referenced in many different ways. One of the fastest growing segments of the modern economy is relatively new which is why there are so many different variants. In addition to eCommerce, there are many people who use these two variants – e-commerce or simply ecommerce. But, have you ever wondered which one is right? Is it possible that all of them are correct? Well, the truth is somewhere between these questions. In order to understand which option is correct, it might be a good idea to do some detailed research over the internet.

The first option you have is to check Google Trends. Obviously, this is a good place to start because Google Trends is a tool that gathers popular searches on the most popular search engine in the world. According to Google Trends, about 13 years ago, most people have used the word e-commerce to describe this activity. However, this trend has changed over time. Starting from 2009 almost every internet user has used ecommerce or eCommerce to look for information about electronic commerce.

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If you use Google Search you will notice that the search engine today is ignoring the different variants and gives the same search results to users no matter whether they are using eCommerce, ecommerce or e-commerce in the search box.

Another way to determine which option is right or wrong is to use a spell check. Gmail has a spell check like this and if you use it you’ll definitely be surprised. Namely, Google is turning both eCommerce and ecommerce into commerce. On the other hand, if you use e-commerce, Google will not try to correct you. Does this mean that e-commerce is the correct term?

In the end, you can take a closer look at the terms used by popular eCommerce solutions. These useful eCommerce software solutions have different opinion on this question too. For example, Shopify uses the word ecommerce, while Magento sticks to the general term – commerce. On the other hand, BigCommerce uses the same term as Shopify – ecommerce. It is interesting that DemandWare has decided to use eCommerce.

So, there is no universal answer to the question what’s the correct way to write eCommerce. If you use any of these three variants – eCommerce, ecommerce, and e-commerce – you can’t go wrong.