807, 2017

What’s the correct way to write eCommerce?

Those who are doing research on eCommerce have probably noticed that this popular word is written and referenced in many different ways. One of the fastest growing segments of the modern economy is relatively new which is why there are so many different variants. In addition to eCommerce, there are many people who use these two variants – e-commerce or simply ecommerce. But, have you ever wondered which one is right? Is it possible that all of them are correct? Well, the truth is somewhere between these questions. In order to understand which option is correct, it might be a good idea to do some detailed research over the internet. The first option you have is to check Google Trends. Obviously, this is a

807, 2017

The top eCommerce trends that will power your marketing strategy in 2017

We are already in the half of 2017, and you should have been seen these trends around you already. More than ever, eCommerce marketing is getting more intense, and it’s a case of having the right strategy in place to win, or you get consumed altogether. You will notice that the strategy that won you a couple of customers a few months back is now obsolete and you are likely losing those customers to the intense competition. As it is right now, eCommerce trends are ever changing, and the following trends are the pattern of development in the industry at the moment and continue to shape our engagement. Social media marketing Any company that is absent on the frontline social media today is leaving

807, 2017

How Contrarian Ecommerce Marketing Works

E-commerce retail marketing is all consumed in mainstream advertisement and SEO campaign than they pay attention to the real customer’s need. While an average e-commerce spends thousands of dollars of its scarce resources on acquiring more advertisement and massive spending on SEO to attract new customers, they forget completely the need to service their existing ones. Although everyone may be doing it, you should be different, and that is the take-home lesson from the contrarian e-commerce marketing activities. Don’t forget that your customers are real people with blood and emotions running through their systems. They have their needs, preferences and would appreciate anyone who pays attention to these things. Research studies have continued to tell us it is far cheaper for sell to old

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